I added to my collection – The Body Shop

Hello guys and gals!

As you guys know I am obsessed with The Body Shop Tea Tree range and for my birthday I was lucky enough to get some new products to try out!

I love the Body Shop and it was only recently that I found out that it started in Brighton!


My skin has been quite problematic and since using various products from the Tea Tree range it has really helped to it clear up.

Mattifying Lotion:

I love this lotion, I use it for my moisturiser and it has really helped to reduce redness and has a matt finish. I use this twice a day and my skin feels and looks so much better. If you haven’t tried this and get on with the Tea Tree range I strongly recommend it.

Tea Tree Oil:

This product has really helped reduce blemishes on my skin. Just before bed, I put a little bit onto a cotton pad and then dab it onto any blemishes on my face.


Please let me know in the comments if you have used any of these products or do you use different ones that you want me to try.


Speak Soon, DarcyFern x


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