Benefit Brow Duo Set

Hello guys and gals!

As most of you know I have the Debenhams beauty club card. If you haven’t got one already, I strongly suggest getting one. It’s free! For my Birthday I was given two beauty treatments for FREE!

1- Benefit Brow Wax

2- Elizabeth Arden Oxygen Facial

Don’t forget you also get freebies every month! Februarys freebie was the Benefit Brow Duo set, with the Precisely, My Brow Pencil and the Ready, Set, Brow!


Precisely, My Brow Pencil

The shade I was given was a little too light for me. However, I did use it and it was actually really good. I really like the ultra-defining tip and it helps shape my brows. If the shade I got was a little darker, I would be using it everyday.

Ready, Set, Brow! 

I love this product. I use it every day and it sets my brows perfectly. The Ready, Set, Brow makes sure that my brows stay in place all day.

However, I would say that there are other products out there that are cheeper that would do the same job. If any of you know any other products, please let me know in the comments I would love to try them.


Speak Soon, DarcyFern x


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