Blogger Meet Up!

Hello guys and gals!

Katy, Lauren, Beki and I have been working on something very exciting!

I can now announce that we are hosting a meet up for bloggers in Birmingham on the 7th of October!

Here is all the information that you need to know for now..

We will be announcing more news about the event as the date gets closer.

You can expect a super cute and positive meet up with your fellow bloggers. We can all get to know each other, chat and there will be plenty of photo opportunities and maybe do a bit of shopping!

If you would like to attend please please please fill out this form to let us know 👉🏼

Let’s meet up!


Check out the girls



Blog: Something Different

Twitter: Katy Mackenzie

Instagram: Katy Mackenzie



Blog: Welcome To Loz Wonderland

Twitter: Lauren Penaluna

Instagram: Lauren Penaluna




Blog: Simply Beki

Twitter: Simply Beki

Instagram: Bekii Loiuse



Speak Soon, DarcyFern x


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