5 Ways To Transform Your Uni Room

Hello guys and gals!

I hope that you are all up to date with my latest blog post and if not, you can check it out here.

The last post I wrote was about the 5 essentials that every fresher needs to take with them to uni. I thought I’d continue with this theme and write a post on 5 ways to transform your uni room.

When I first went to uni I was so excited. Not only for starting a new chapter in my life, but also because it was the first time I ever had my own room. I wanted to get ideas on how to make my room the best it can be, so I decided to go onto Pinterest and look for ideas on there.

If any of you guys decide to do the same, remember that Primark and Wilko homeware sections are your best friends.

Here is a Pinterest board that I have made to give you some ideas.  Uni Room Ideas

1- Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights are one of the best ways to make your room more homely and cosy. You can put them around your bed, desk, door or mirror and they instantly transform your room.

Get yourself to Primark and go to the homeware section. They’re not expensive and normally battery powered which is good as most halls won’t have a problem with battery powered lights. There’s also a lot of different types of lights you can choose from.

2- New Bedding

Your bed is one of the main features in your room. New bedding, including blankets/throws and pillows, is a great way to help transform your room and make it your own.

It might also be useful to note that you should always bring a mattress protector with you. Also, if your mattress is uncomfortable maybe you could try a mattress topper and lie on a second duvet. This also makes your bed warmer during the winter months as again, the heating in some halls is non existent.

3- Candles and Trinkets

You have to be careful when it comes to candles as not every university accommodation allows them as the smoke detectors in the rooms are very sensitive. However, if you manage to get around that a nice scented candle always makes a room more cosy and makes it smells amazing.

Trinkets like hanging ornaments or dream catchers are also a good way to transform your room.

4- Photos
There are loads of cheap and easy ways to print off photos online. For me, I use Free Prints. You can put them up in your room and it’s a cute way to keep your friends and family close to you while you’re away.

There are loads of ideas in how to arrange photos for example, pegging them onto your fairy lights or arranging them in different shapes.

 – I’ve included some ideas on the Pinterest board I mentioned earlier –

If you’re not allowed to put anything on your walls you can always put them on your pin board, wardrobe or doors.

5- Posters and Tapestry

Having posters of your favourite band, TV show or landscapes is a cute way to transform your uni room and make it more personalised.

Recently a lot of people are putting up tapestries in their rooms above their beds which makes your room look less like a uni hall and more like an everyday bedroom.

Top Tip

If you want to put stuff on your walls and not worry about leaving marks or ruining the paint work, you can buy yourself some Command Strips. These little things are so useful to me. You can use them to put up photos, posters and get hook ones which are useful to hold fairy lights and other things you would want to hang up.

They’re cheap and you can get them in places like Wilko and Robbert Dyas.

Command Strips


I hope this helps someone of you and your move to university. I would like to wish you all the best of luck and I hope you have an amazing year!

Speak Soon, DarcyFern x


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