Somers Vintage Tea Rooms

Hello guys and gals!

At the weekend I went for lunch with my mum for some much needed mother daughter time. As we were looking for a place to go to, we stumbled across Somers Vintage Tea Rooms in Lindfield East Sussex.

All my mum wanted was a sandwich, so we thought we’d go and give this place a try. I then saw on the menu that they did afternoon tea for two for just £16.50 (£8.25 each) so we just had to order one!

Somers Vintage Tea Rooms, Photo; DarcyFern

When we went inside we were greeted by a lovely lady from behind the counter who told us that we could sit anywhere we wanted. The cafe was decorate beautifully with some lovely cute bits and bobs dotted around the room. Mum and I decided to sit in the window with a view of Lindfield high street and ordered our afternoon tea.

The lady came over and asked what tea we wanted, as this tea room had a wide selection of different types of teas. Mum and I weren’t feeling very adventurous, so we just went for the traditional English Breakfast. We were then given a lovely tea pot with cups, saucers and cutlery which I thought were super cute!

Our afternoon tea, Photo; DarcyFern

As the price of this afternoon tea was relatively cheep we didn’t really know what to expect. We were given a lovely selection of finger sandwiches; tuna, ham and tomato and cheese and pickle. Along with one plain scone and one scone with currants accompanied by jam and cream. Two macaroons, a slice of Victoria sponge cake and a slice of lemon cake.

I know. It was a lot. And definitely worth the money.

Mum and I had such a lovely time here and the food was lovely and filling. The tea room its self was lovely and deffinatly gave off that vintage vibe. If you would like to visit this lovely place here is their Facebook page for you to have a look at Somers Vintage Tea Rooms


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