Lush bath bombs – Haul/Review

Hello guys and gals!

I have been using Lush bath bombs for years! It’s always my go to brand if I want a nice luxurious bath. Obviously; everyone has an all time favourite bath bomb and mine is Twilight. I just love everything about it, especially the smell and colours!

However; I wanted to try some new ones.. Whenever I go into any Lush store the staff are always nice, chatty and really helpful!

These are the bath bombs that I went for; Yellow Submarine, Metamorphosis, Rocket Science and Blackberry.

Yellow Submarine

I loved love LOVED this bath bomb! It smelt amazing and made my skin smell amazing too! I love sweet scent and it was right up my street!

What I like about this bath bomb is that there was no excess giller or anything left in the bath after I drained the water, so it was easy to clean after! I will definitely be buying this one again! I think it’s going to my one of my new favourites!



I have mixed feeling about this one guys. It smelt amazing and again made my skin smell amazing. It was a very fresh scent which I did rather love.

However; the glitter. Guys the glitter was a nightmare to clean. I had a grey glittery ring stain around my bath, which I did manage to get off with a bit of elbow grease. But if you want a quick, nice, relaxing and easy to clean up bath bomb.. I wouldn’t recommend this one.


Rocket Science

I loved this one guys! The cute little stars that were inside the bath bomb are so adorable! Again, it smelt amazing. It had a sweet citrus scent that filled the room and made me smell amazing.  To be honest I really I don’t have anything bad to say about it.

It does have glitter in the bath bomb but not too much and it was super easy to clean after! I was also super colourful and made the water go bright blue!



Blackberry surprised me and I LOVED IT!! It smelt amazing! Made the bath go purple which was lovely!! I just all round enjoyed it!

At first the only thing that attracted me to this one was the smell but then as soon as I dropped it in my bath, the water went the most beautiful purple colour! Then after it completely dissolved a little piece of paper floated to the top of the bath with the word BOOM! Well done Lush 👏🏼 well done 👏🏼👏🏼

A surprising BOOM, Photo; DarcyFern


Speak soon, DarcyFern x


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